Stay Safe - COVID Floor Sticker (Five Stickers)

Regular price $70.00

If it's all about COVID compliance and being good corporate citizens - and making sure that customers can understand where they stand (literally) look no further. We are ready to print and ship five (5) 250mm x 250mm ready-to-go floor stickers that will stick to just about anything (and easy peel off when this thing is over). 
Take control of your store and space and direct customers to ensure compliance with new COVID distancing rules.
✅ Commercial-use adhesive-backed textured, scuff-resistant product with a non-slip surface.
✅ CSIRO approved for floor application. 
✅ Sticks to any flooring surface incl. Carpet.
✅ Printed in Latex
✅ 250mm x 2500
✅ 5 Pieces at $70 plus GST. 
✅ Free shipping. 
PLease note: You should allow for usual wear and tear, however, initial tests suggest that they will last up to 3 months with traffic from a coffee shop.